Nottingham actor Tom Blyth appears in new film Benediction with former Doctor Who star

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A Nottingham actor whose first role was playing a feral child in the movie Robin Hood is starring in a new film alongside former Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi and Dunkirk Spitfire pilot Jack Lowden.

Benediction was one of the first UK productions to start up again during Covid and was successfully filmed without any cases arising.

Former Nottingham TV Workshop actor Tom Blyth, 26, from Woodthorpe, joined the cast soon after graduating from the acclaimed Juilliard School of Performing Arts in New York City.

Tom said: "Benediction was my first gig out of school and I’m fortunate to be in the top billing. I was so impressed by how they kept everyone safe on set. We had to fill out a questionnaire every morning, and had to go through a checkpoint when arriving on set where they took our temperature. The most impressive part was everyone’s constant wearing of

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