Residents sick of e-scooters being ridden fast on pavements and blocking paths

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Residents have called for improvements to Nottingham's e-scooter scheme after dozens were found blocking paths and discarded in the streets of Lenton.

This week, six scooters were left abandoned on Derby Road blocking the path.

Some residents said they had to walk into the busy road in order to get around them and not collide with people walking the opposite way.

Residents have also complained about scooters being left at bus stops, with one Lenton resident finding one abandoned outside her front gate.

Concerns have been raised that residents are being asked to lodge complaints - but believe this is not something they should be constantly having to do.

More than 200 electric scooters arrived in the city on Tuesday, October 27, last year.

Wind Mobility is operating the scheme in both Nottingham and Derby on a 12 month trial.

The scooters have received a mixed response with Nottingham City

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