Family of murdered mum speak out as coroner rules opportunities to save her were missed

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It has taken three long and painful years for Janet Scott's family to finally hear those words.

That the much-loved mum, sister, grandma, auntie and wife, was let down by the authorities that were supposed to protect her.

Her sister, Susan Thomson, 61, of Carlton, speaks to the picture of her sister each day and always blows her a kiss in the morning.

But these rituals, she knows, will never bring her back as she is constantly reminded that the man who killed her could have been stopped.

At Nottingham Council House on Friday, February 19, coroner Jonathan Straw said 'missed opportunities' by the probation officer responsible for managing Mellors following his release from prison for killing former partner Pearl Black had 'significantly contributed to her death.'

Mrs Thomson had been with her 51-year-old sister on the night convicted killer Simon Mellors waltzed into their life in

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