Council tax rise expected with Nottinghamshire County Council and Fire Authority increases

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Nottinghamshire County Council is proposing to increase the amount it charges ratepayers for its Adult Social Care Precept by 1% from April.

If approved, the move at a full council meeting next week would raise an additional £14.4 million for services in the county.

County councillors will vote on whether to approve the increase alongside a 1.99% increase in basic council tax, at a meeting on Thursday February 25.

The 1% rise will be levied to provide additional funding for some 400 adult and children’s social care services the council operates across Nottinghamshire.

The tax increases are part of a long-term strategy by the council to address a £47.7m budget shortfall by the financial year 2024/25.

Councillor Richard Jackson, chairman of the Finance & Major Contracts Management Committee, said: “Despite prudent financial management over the past three years which has achieved savings worth £35.3m, the increasing demand for adult and

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