Nearly one in three Derbyshire adults has been vaccinated

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Nearly one in every three people in Derbyshire aged over 16 has had a Covid-19 vaccine.

The latest statistics from NHS England, showing jabs up to February 14, shows 257,746 Derbyshire residents have now had their first Covid-19 vaccine dose, up from 222,792 in the previous week of data.

This is 96.5 per cent of all those in the county and city aged 70 and above and 30.66% of all those aged 16 and above, the majority of whom are likely to be of retirement age.

These statistics rank Derbyshire 16th and 15th in England respectively.

In the previous week of data the county had ranked second in England for percentage of jabs administered to those aged 70 and above.

Somerset is top of the charts in both categories with 99.28 per cent and 35.71 per cent respectively.

However, this week’s stats will not, due to only counting jabs up

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