People across Leicestershire reveal the first thing they want to do when lockdown ends

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Many people across Leicestershire are desperate to return to some sort of normality, and with Boris Johnson's plan to ease us out of lockdown expected on Monday, they have been thinking about what they would like to do first.

Parts of Leicester and Leicestershire have been in some sort of lockdown for nearly a year now, with lots of families not able to meet up for months.

We asked our readers over on our Facebook page what would be the first thing they would like to do when lockdown ended.

Others are looking forward to going to the gym, or a trip to the pub.

Some said they just wanted to visit family and friends, while others, who have had hospital appointments delayed, are eager to get on with their treatment.

Mandy Fahey is among those who are desperate for medical care.

When asked what she would do when lockdown

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