Chef who lost his job conned into losing £52,000 in just 18 days

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A Nottingham man who was conned into losing more than £52,000 in just 18 days has spoken of his 'nightmare' ordeal.

The 47-year-old, who was convinced by a scam artist into using online trade markets, spoke out to warn others.

He initially made a £300 deposit to purchase Bitcoin in October after losing his job as a chef during the coronavirus pandemic.

Having done some research online, he was confident he would be able to make some money through a European company online.

Within a day he received a phone call from a business, which he thought was that company.

But this turned out to be a third party who had got his details and started to tell him about the various markets.

Agreeing to transfer his money into shares on the stock market, he initially made a small profit but the horrific ordeal began which left

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