Fears new 'student village' could lead to parties and noise

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Neighbours concerned over proposals to convert an old college into a new 'student village' fear the prospect of parties and noise - and say their house prices could be affected.

Developers want to create 162 new student bedrooms within the main building at the former Nottingham College campus in High Road, Chilwell, split public opinion.

But people living in close proximity to the site said there were already a number of student developments in the area and spoke about the potential impact they think the latest scheme could have on the area.

Local resident Ross Tomlinson, a 73-year-old retired testing commissioning engineer, said: "The people around in this area, there's quite a number of them not very happy about having that amount of students in the area.

"[We're] Looking at how and what's happened around Lenton and Radford where they've taken some areas and overrun it.


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