Locations of famous films and TV shows that were shot in Derbyshire

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Derbyshire's natural landscape in the Peak District and historic country estates have made it an ideal location to shoot some big-name TV shows and films.

The county has seen actors from Keira Knightley to Russell Crowe do what they do best in front of the camera at some of Derbyshire's most famous landmarks.

Major productions such as Pride and Prejudice (2005), Robin Hood (2010), and Mary Queen of Scots (2019) were partially filmed in the local area, often to portray other areas in the UK.

Derbyshire Live has compiled a list of many of the locations that these well-known productions have used.

Hardwick Hall

This 16th century Elizabethan home is known for having "more glass than wall" and was featured in Mary Queen of Scots (2019), starring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie.

External shots were used here to replicate Hampton Court Palace, including one scene where Queen Elizabeth I (Margot

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