Derby referendum could be triggered by 9,000 signatures on petition

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If more than 9,000 people sign a newly-launched petition to force Derby City Council to change from cabinet to committee system it will prompt a referendum to be held in the city.

Reform Derby, led by Councillor Alan Graves, has drawn up the petition, which it says is seeking "to honour the commitment three parties made in the 2018 city council local election" and it is supported by the city's Liberal Democrat group.

Both parties are carrying a version of the petition on their websites but they both count towards an overall 9,000 signatures to trigger a referendum in order to try to change the city's system of democracy.

Currently, the council is run using the cabinet system of local government, which sees the majority party elect a leader, who in turn selects eight or nine cabinet members, who then make all the decisions without the need to recourse to

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