Four more Covid-19 rule-breakers fined for trips to East Midlands Airport

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More people have been fined for travelling to East Midlands Airport for no good reason this weekend.

Officers from the airport's beat team and North West Leicestershire Police were patrolling its perimeter yesterday when they encountered four people who were there in breach of lockdown regulations.

Two motorists were issued with £200 fines after admitting they had travelled to the airfield from outside the county.

A short time later, officers spoke to a driver and their passenger from Hinckley.

They were also issued with fines as they were from different households and could not offer a valid reason for their journey.

A day earlier, the East Midlands Airport police team fined another uninvited visitor £200 for breaking coronavirus restrictions by driving to the airfield. He said he had just got his licence back and "wanted to go for a drive".

These incidents are the latest in a string of cases

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