'Ghost child' calls for help from 'haunted' mirror in Derbyshire

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A Derbyshire psychic claims a "ghostly child's voice" can be heard calling for help from a supposedly "haunted" mirror in a spooky video.

Ian Griffiths, a psychic medium from Swadlincote, says even he has been left on edge after he claims he has captured the image and voice of what he believes to be a young girl haunting the mirror.

Staffordshire Live reports that Mr Griffiths purchased the mirror from an antiques shop in Hinckley, Leicestershire, just before lockdown and was immediately struck by its 'ghostly presence'.

Using his expert equipment, Mr Griffiths, of Walking with Spirit Paranormal, says he recorded an electronic voice phenomena (EVP) on an electronic recording he made.

He filmed his experience and says "unexplained rattling" can be heard in his home in the South Derbyshire town, where he lives alone, that he has never heard before.

He is heard telling the ghost that it is

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