'I'll be dead by then' - shoppers on 10-year wait for Broadmarsh

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Shoppers are worried that 10 years is far too long for work to be completed on a decaying and half-demolished shopping centre in the heart of Nottingham.

Broadmarsh shopping centre has remained derelict after work stopped on its transformation last year after the company went into administration.

It was supposed to form part of a much wider project which included a new car park and bus station, central library, and improvements to the south side of the city.

These developments are still in place.

Last week, an advice panel featuring key people from the city was announced, tasked with helping to build a vision that will transform the site.

Suggestions have already been submitted to land owner Nottingham City Council, which include creating a green space on the former shopping centre.

The panel is being asked to recommend two crucial aspects for the future of the site - a creative

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