Real T-Rex exhibition could be coming to Wollaton Hall

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A 14-month-long exhibition to showcase a full-size, fossilised T-Rex specimen could be coming to Wollaton Hall.

Nottingham City Council is currently seeking approval to bring the unique exhibition to Wollaton as part of a contract for hire from the USA.

If approved, the dino display would run from July 2021 until August 2022 and visitors will be charged an admission fee to the Hall during this time.

It is hoped the arrival of a T Rex would build on the "tremendous economic benefit" that came after the Dinosaurs of China exhibit at the Hall in 2017.

In details outlined by the council, it says the T Rex will be full size and fill the Willoughby Room of Wollaton Hall at four metres tall and 11 metres in length.

There will also be interactive elements to the exhibition from the University of Nottingham to create an immersive experience, as well as

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