Severely disabled AJ, the 'miracle' child with 'a gorgeous smile'

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When Linda and Andrew Mashonganyika discovered they were expecting twins, they were over the moon.

But tragically, at 32 weeks pregnant, they were told one of the twins had died in the womb and Linda, who is a nurse, had to deliver both babies straight away.

The other twin, AJ, survived but he had severe brain damage and was not expected to live past the age of two.

Linda said: “It was really difficult. At 23, I was so young and we didn’t understand a lot of things.

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“We had lost a child and there were no guarantees the other one would make it through birth and if his heart stopped, he wouldn’t be resuscitated.

“They said his quality of life wouldn’t be good and he would have severe disabilities.”

AJ is now 17 and needs constant care. He

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