Good chance of sunny weather for reopening of Derbyshire beer gardens

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As the beer gardens of Derbyshire finally reopen on Monday, April 12, customers will be hoping for a return of last year's stunning spring weather - but what do forecasters think we might have in store for the easing of the lockdown?

Last year locked-down Derbyshire was bathed in beautiful sunshine for most of the spring and, by April 12, as we all started to empty the supermarket shelves for toilet roll and other essentials, the weather was warm and dry.

And local forecasters say the long-term outlook does offer some positive signs of another sunny spring.

Derby-based weather watcher Robert Shaw says the general trend nowadays is for a decent spring.

That said, it is too far away to predict April's weather, March is getting off to a promising start.

He said: "The outlook might be promising, as over the last decades, springs have become largely sunny, dry and

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