'If you can afford McDonalds, you can afford more Council Tax' - row over £5 rise in yearly bill

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People who can afford McDonalds meals can afford a Council Tax rise, a councillor has controversially argued.

A row has broken out over a £5 a year increase Charnwood Borough Council approved this week for its share of the annual bill from April.

Members of the Conservative-run authority defended the rise of 9.6 pence per week after Labour opposition politicians argued the extra burden could be the tipping point for hard-pressed residents who have struggled during the pandemic.

In a budget meeting on Monday, Labour argued the borough should freeze its portion of the Council Tax bill - known as the precept - to give residents a break.

However the Conservatives argued without the five per cent rise, even more council services would have to be cut over the next 12 months and more jobs at the council would be lost.

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