Mystery as Ainsley Harriott faces appear on Derbyshire road signs

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Mystery surrounds why a number of pictures of TV chef Ainsley Harriott have appeared on road signs in Derbyshire.

A picture of his face on a sign in Buxton, in the Peak District, has attracted hundreds of comments on social media in recent days.

And it has also come to light that another road sign in Little Eaton has his face on as well.

In fact, both signs see Mr Harriott's face covering the number '0' on speed limit signs for reasons which remain unclear.

Mr Harriott is a well known name in the TV and cooking world, having appeared and presented on the cult classic daytime show Ready Steady Cook.

It is understood the pictures have been on each sign for several weeks or even months but the reason, at least so far, appears to be a mystery.

And despite hundreds of comments on the "High Peak Live" Facebook

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