Some of the best beer gardens in Nottinghamshire worth a visit once lockdown ends

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The latest government announcement has sparked big hopes for summer 2021 in Nottinghamshire.

Boris Johnson announced a roadmap for lockdown ending in the UK which could culminate as early as June 21, when the plan is for all limits on social contacts to end.

While this is still subject to change should the situation worsen, the Prime Minister said he was "very optimistic" about the prospect of pubs, nighclubs and restaurants reopening by that date.

This will have many dreaming about a time when the sun is shining and trips to a pub beer garden are a way to spend your day rather than a fond and seemingly distant memory.

The good news is, here in Nottinghamshire, we're a little spoiled for choice.

Here are just some of the options available for pub-lovers come summer and the end of lockdown.

Canalhouse <img data-src="" alt="The Canalhouse's beer garden before lockdown"

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