A quarter of Derbyshire adults have now had both Covid jabs

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A quarter of adults in Derbyshire are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19, nearly five months into the vaccination roll-out.

An army of health and care staff and volunteers have been working overtime and some have come out of retirement to push the vaccination forward.

A total of 585,084 Derbyshire residents have now been vaccinated at least once against Covid-19, which represents nearly 70 per cent (69.59 per cent) of the county and city’s adult population.

This means two out of every three adults have had a Covid vaccine.

Almost all of these jabs (96.21 per cent) are to the 50+ population, which are the main groups which have been targeted for vaccination, with only at-risk groups and specific occupations prioritised outside of those age groups.

Meanwhile, 219,747 Derbyshire residents have now had both Covid-19 vaccine doses, which is 25.07% of the adult population – one in every four adults.

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