25 things you will only know if you are from Lincoln

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We are bias, but there is no better place to grow up than Lincoln.

It may not have the hustle and bustle of London or the accent of Newcastle, but it doesn't faze us.

We love telling everyone where we are from because we are proud to be a yellowbelly.

But for those who have never been, we feel it is important to dispel some myths that might make your visit easier.

Here are 25 things most people in Lincoln will all know and agree on.

1. It’s not flat

While a lot of Lincolnshire is flat, much of Lincoln isn’t. We dare anyone who says it to try and walk up Steep Hill after a night out.

2. The Red Arrows are great.

Ok, so everyone thinks this. But, we get to see the famous jets practice overhead a lot – and it never gets boring.

3. Avoid

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