Doctor dispels 9 of the most common coronavirus vaccine myths

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A leading doctor in the north of Nottinghamshire has sought to dispel some of the most widely circulated vaccine conspiracies and myths and provide reassurance for those unsure whether to take the jab.

While uptake of the coronavirus vaccination has generally been much higher than, for example, the flu vaccine, there are still people who may be avoiding the call due to any number of concerns.

Some of these concerns have been caused by misinformation and some areas of Nottinghamshire have seen a lower uptake of the vaccine as a result.

Most recently an anti-vax group took to Bulwell on April 20, where a bus offering the vaccine was parked, and the group has since been condemned during a Government press conference.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the protesters must let the NHS staff and nurses "do the job that they need to".

Dr Hilary Lovelock, GP at Brierley

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