Map shows the most famous people linked to each Derbyshire area

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From Hollywood movie stars, to people who revolutionised their professions, it's fair to say Derbyshire packs a punch when it comes to producing famous people.

Whether it's Florence Nightingale with her improvements made to the field of nursing, or Thomas Cook setting up one of the UK's most well known travel agencies, people from our county have made their mark.

We've produced famous sportspeople and have had actors who have appeared in some of the most widely-viewed movie franchises of all time.

Now a new map can show who the top person associated with your town is based on the last four year's worth of Wikipedia search data.

Created by The Pudding, the People Map of the UK replaces towns and cities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with famous residents or people born or connected to that place.

Using the map, here are the most searched

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