Inquests opened into deaths of 9 people at Nottingham Coroners' Court

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Inquests looking into the deaths of nine people have been opened at Nottingham Coroners' Court.

Mr Gordon Clow, assistant coroner for Nottinghamshire opened the inquests on the morning on Tuesday, May 4 at Nottingham Council House.

Gavin George William Baker died on December 14, 2020 and was 66 at the time of his death.

He died at Bassetlaw General District Hospital, Mr Clow said.

A postmortem examination was carried out and the provisional cause of death is "respiratory failure, bird fancier's lung and hypertension."

The inquest stands adjourned for the completion of further enquiries with a date to be fixed.

Viennice Dawn Heath died on April 9 2021, aged 51, at the Queen's Medical Centre.

The court heard how a post-mortem revealed the provisional cause of death was "1a aspiration pneumonia, 1b immobility and chronic debility due to chronic malnutrition."

The hearing stands adjourned for further enquiries and a

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