Morrisons announces big change for supermarket shoppers

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Morrisons have announced a major overhaul of its popular loyalty scheme that will impact shoppers at every one of its UK supermarkets.

Customers who utilise the Morrisons More card to collect points at the store will only be able to do so for a limited time.

From next week Morrisons will be scrapping its card scheme for future customers in favour of a mobile app.

Under the current scheme, customers get five points for every £1 spent - with 5,000 points worth a £5 voucher at the supermarket.

But this will stop from May 10 - meaning the final day to collect points is May 9 - with the switchover to the app.

Instead of getting points, shoppers will need to use the Morrisons More app through their phone or online, to receive digital coupons that can be used for instant savings in

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