Nine of the most viewed Nottingham homes for sale - the list may surprise you

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Potential home buyers have been busy this month.

Estate agents and property websites reported high levels of activity.

Rightmove said it had registered record numbers of prospective buyers enquiring about properties on its website so far this Spring 2021.

Tim Bannister, the portal's director of property data, said: “The fast pace of the current market means that each week another activity record on Rightmove tumbles. Wednesday, April 7, set a record of over 9.3 million visits [to the website] and March saw time spent on the site surpass two billion minutes in a month for the first time."

Searches for homes on other major portals have also increased reflecting the market activity.

However, according to Zoopla's data, it isn't huge mansions or homes with pools that people have been searching for in Notts, the top nine most viewed properties on this site are all two, three or four-bedroom homes with the top price of around

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