The best suggestions for 'eyesore' boarded up Nottingham pub

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Residents living the shadow of an old boarded up pub in part of Nottingham have made a range of suggestions for what should replace it.

The Riverway, in Arkwright Walk, The Meadows, was formerly owned by Basford brewery Shipstones, over 20 years ago.

It was taken over by Yorkshire-based Samuel Smith's Brewery in 2017 after a long period of closure.

The Riverway survived the demolition work which took place in The Meadows in the 1970s, when 22 pubs were lost, but it was boarded up in April 2019, leaving residents saddened.

Two years later, the pub remains shut and residents are calling for the restoration of their local and investment in the building.

Residents in the area have described it as an '"eyesore".

New houses have sprung up on Arkwright Walk and people who have moved to the area recently said it would be good to see the watering

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