Seatbelts for Schools: Lincolnshire Live calls for law change that could save children's lives

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A fortnight ago, 60 children boarded a bus to head to school for the day, just like they do every day across our county and across the country.

It is routine for them, just as our daily commute is for adults. They will have met with friends at the bus stop and boarded the bus ready for another day in the classroom.

But just minutes into their journey, tragedy struck as the double-decker - transporting youngsters to Sir Robert Pattinson Academy and North Hykeham Academy - crashed and became wedged in a ditch.

A 12-year-old boy broke his arm and a 14-year-old girl was taken to hospital as a result of the impact of the crash and worried parents rushed to an emergency triage centre set up at a nearby school.

We at Lincolnshire Live, much like the families of the children on board the bus that date, were

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