Lincolnshire Show issues warning to all dog owners

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Dog owners have been issued a warning as the first day of a sweltering Lincolnshire Show comes to an end. As temperatures reached highs of 27C and are predicted the same for the second day, dog owners have been urged to consider leaving their dogs at home.

In a Tweet put out by the Lincolnshire Show, it asked dog owners to 'please consider' leaving their canine friends at home. Dog owners have also been told by the Lincolnshire Show to never leave their dog unattended in the car.

It also said for those that do still decide to bring their dogs, there are water bowls available at each toilet block for them and Jerry Green dog creche has paddling pools for dogs. With around 60,000 visitors expected in total from today (Wednesday, June 22) and tomorrow (Thursday, June 23), it is set to be a successful show, which is

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