Inspirational Lincolnshire teenager plans to wear dress for first time at prom

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An inspirational teenager from Lincolnshire is preparing to wear a dress for the first time at their prom which will mark the "final moment in their journey." Kadey Hall, 16, from Saxilby, said that wearing a dress will mean they will be able to fully express their "authentic" self at their prom on Wednesday, June 29 at Lincoln Castle Academy.

Kadey, whose gender pronouns are they/them, said they have experimented with clothes from a young age and were "in awe" watching their mum get ready. They enjoy doing drag and makeup and hope that wearing a dress to prom will encourage others who are in a similar position.

Kadey said: "I think that it's going to be an exciting time for me and the final moment in the journey I've been going through. I'm so excited to share it with people my age and people who are older and

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