The cheapest places to purchase petrol in Lincoln as RAC warns prices should have dropped further

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Petrol prices are beginning to drop slightly following weeks of record high costs across the UK's forecourts. Costs are now starting to creep back down towards 170p for a litre of unleaded petrol in parts of Lincolnshire.

Nationwide, the average cost for a litre of fuel remains at around 183p per litre, despite calls from the RAC suggesting that the cost should be significantly lower. Wholesale petrol costs have dropped by 20p since the beginning of June, but retailers have only dropped their prices in forecourts by an average of 9p, meaning that the savings are not being passed onto consumers.

The Mirror reports that RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: "July has been an unnecessarily tough month for drivers due to the big four supermarkets' unwillingness to cut their prices to a more reasonable level, reflecting the consistent and significant reductions in the wholesale cost of petrol

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