Garage in Lincoln could be turned into house but residents say it's too much

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Residents have expressed concerns about plans to convert a garage into a two-bed house in what is already a "densely populated" area of Lincoln. The plans have been submitted to the City of Lincoln Council for a property in Bedford Street in the West End and are currently "pending consideration."

It has been described by neighbours as an attempt to "squeeze more people" into a small cul-de-sac but the application states the conversion would have a "positive effect on the quality of the conservation area." The application has received 29 public objections including concerns over parking congestion, noise levels, over-development and privacy.

Jasmine Mills, 29, has lived in the West End for 15 months and said that the planning request is a "shame." She said: "Three properties are already student HMOs and to have more people in what is already a built-up area just doesn't seem feasible.


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