Lincoln pub landlord says customers who steal pint glasses will be barred

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A landlord has said those who steal glasses are not welcome at his pub amid a surge of them going missing. Ian Jubbs, landlord of The Victoria in the Bailgate area of Lincoln, said he is losing money every day as more glasses are disappearing from the premises.

He counted three ashtrays, 13 half-pint Madri glasses, eight full-pint Madri glasses, 10 shot glasses, 13 gin glasses, six wine glasses, 10 prosecco glasses, six Erdinger glasses and various others as going missing from the pub. Mr Jubbs, 62, took on the pub in May alongside running The Treaty of Commerce.

He said: "I can't believe the thieving that goes on. I restocked all the glasses when I went in there.

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"People do not realise we have to buy them. If they are branded glasses

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