Former teacher has slept outdoors for 14 years despite owning three homes

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A former IT teacher has spent the last 14 years sleeping outdoors, despite owning three houses. David Priestley, who lives in Lincoln, first took to sleeping in a hammock in his back garden in 2010 and claims it cured chronic back pain he had been suffering with for more than 30 years.

He said: "I spent 31 years in the RAF and developed back problems from heavy lifting. I was seeing a surgeon about three prolapsed discs, who was talking about fusing bones together to prevent further deterioration, but I coached five different sports, so I needed to retain my mobility."

As part of coaching canoeing, David would take groups wild camping and he noticed he was pain-free when sleeping in a hammock for two or three nights. "I started sleeping in a hammock in my garden

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